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Forensic Friday – Jury Science:  Forensic Experts and Jury Perception.

A recently published study shows that many jurors decide verdicts based on their perception of the expert’s experience and qualifications – rather than their perception and understanding of the scientific rigor of the expert’s methods.  Further, mock jurors in the live study did not place a higher weight on testing evidence in making their decisions, even when they were specifically

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Pipeline Explosions are far from rare.

On February 15, 2017 natural gas leaking from a pipeline exploded in Refugio, Texas – southwest of Houston. It was the second such incident in as many weeks. The previous incident occurred in Paridas, Louisiana – west of New Orleans – Friday February 10. No one was injured in the Texas event. Two workers were reported injured and one missing and presumed dead in

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Science + Fire +Food +Beer/Coffee = FUN!

Have you heard of “Taste of Science”? It’s a great festival happening across the US this week where scientists, from all kinds of disciplines, bring talks about their work to the general public in restaurants and pubs. This year, tonight in fact, Rich Meier will be talking about the science of Fire Investigation in St. Petersburg, Florida. 2017 is the

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E-Cigarette Explosions – Not a Rare Occurrence

Richard Meier, IAAI-CFI, CFEI, CFPS Florida Fire and Explosion Analysis Expert It seems like every week there is another news story about the explosion of an E-cigarette.  In the most recent one, an Idaho man was badly injured and lost several teeth when is E-cigarette exploded in his face while he was using it. Unfortunately, these are becoming all too common.