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Richard Meier & First-responder
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Richard Meier joins NFPA 901 Committee.

New NFPA Committee Appointment:

We’re proud to announce that Richard Meier has been appointed as a Principal Member (Special Expert) of the NFPA Technical Committee for NFPA 901 – Standard Classifications for Incident Reporting and Fire Protection Data Scope.

What does NFPA 901 do?


NFPA 901 works to develop a common language that first-responders can use to record and transmit fire data and statistics. Data on cause, damages and injuries collected from fires can be recorded, transmitted and analyzed in a uniform manner. This allows for faster recognition of fire hazards, better understanding of fire causes, safer, and more comprehensive fire codes.

What does that mean for your case?

These first-responder reports are often some of the first pieces of evidence collected in your lawsuit. When these reports are inaccurate, unclear, or subject to wide interpretation, you may not have the necessary data to know if you should move forward with a case. These first reports are often a just cursory glance to determine accidental versus criminal and not necessarily the result of a thorough scientific investigation. When the initial report is incomplete, inconclusive or wrong, it may hard to get your case back on track. You and your expert will have to take extra steps to explain to the jury the limitations of these preliminary reports.

Fire Investigation Reports

The goal of the NFPA 901 standard is to provide guidance for developing, implementing and maintaining standardized reporting systems. Ensuring accurate data helps develop better codes that protect us all.

“901.1.1 Scope. This document describes and defines data elements and classifications used by many fire departments in the United States and other countries to describe fire damage potential and experience during incidents…”

-Christine Meier

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