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You See Ashes… At Meier Fire, We See Answers

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Fire Expert, Richard Meier on HLN

Richard Meier’s latest appearance on HLN.

Sad case.  So tragic.

Thank you to HLN and Primetime Justice With Ashleigh Banfield for having our own Richard Meier on as a guest last night.  We love being able to share accurate Fire Investigation Science with the public.  Rich talked about the science and procedures involved in a origin and cause investigation.  No matter how big, small, infamous, obscure or controversial the case, basing your investigation on sound science is the only way to answers for your client and the victims.

Louisiana House Fire.mp4

MYSTERY UNFOLDING after a wife is found shot dead in a house fire. Could there be a killer on the loose?

Posted by Ashleigh Banfield on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Credit – HLN Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield.  Share from FB Page

Want to see Rich on TV more often?  Please take a moment to like the video on Ashleigh Banfield’s Facebook Page.  They deserve kudos for creating quality discussions on crime & forensic science.

Sharing our passion for science and fire investigation is one of the best parts of the job. At Meier Fire, we always welcome an opportunity to talk about the science of Fire Investigation.   Contact us to speak at your group.



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