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By - Richard Meier

Fire Related Vehicle Recalls

Car fire from engine compartment
RJ Meier photo

The following manufacturers have recalled vehicles for fire related problems.

Columbia Northwest, Inc. has recalled (40) 2017 and 2018 Aliner Ascape trailers.  The LP gas bottle trays may be attached to the frames with the wrong fasteners, which could become loose from the trailer during travel.  This could lead to loose connections and a fire or explosion.

KZRV, L.P. has recalled (41) 2016 to 2018 KZ RV Venom trailers.  A rubber gas line is hooked up directly through the cook top fire box to the pilot light, creating a fire hazard.

Thor Motor Coach has recalled (88) 2017 Challenger 37YT motorhomes.
The exhaust pipe from the onboard gasoline generator may be mislocated or missing completely on the subject vehicles, creating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning within the vehicle, resulting in injury or death.


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