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Was it really Arson? 4 warning signs the investigator got it wrong.

Flawed Investigation-Arson - Maybe Not
Arson Fire? – Maybe Not

So, you’ve got this case on your desk. The investigator is telling you it’s arson. Whether you’re a prosecutor or defense lawyer in a criminal matter or the attorney for the insurance company or homeowner in a civil arson case, you have a decision to make. Move forward, accept the case or reject it and use your valuable time and resources on another case.

Here’s 4 strong warning signs that the investigator may have gotten it wrong.

  1. Uses the “odd behavior” or “motive” of a suspect instead of physical evidence to determine a fire cause.
  2. Report contains long debunked fire terms such as:  “Alligator Char”, “Spalled Concrete”, “Crazed Glass”, “Pour Patterns”
  3. The Fire Scenario seems implausible or overly complicated.
    (Think “Occam’s Razor”)
  4. Uses arson dog “hits” without positive conformation from a laboratory test, or didn’t consider innocent reasons for the presence of “accelerants” at a fire scene.

Still not sure… consider calling in an independent expert for a file review. Spend a little bit now to save tons of money and headaches down the line.

To learn more warning signs or to request an independent case review- contact me.

Christine Meier,, 941-900-1234


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