Was it really Arson? 4 warning signs the investigator got it wrong.

Flawed Investigation-Arson - Maybe Not
Arson Fire? – Maybe Not

So, you’ve got this case on your desk. The investigator is telling you it’s arson. Whether you’re a prosecutor or defense lawyer in a criminal matter or the attorney for the insurance company or homeowner in a civil arson case, you have a decision to make. Move forward, accept the case or reject it and use your valuable time and resources on another case.

Here’s 4 strong warning signs that the investigator may have gotten it wrong. Continue reading “Was it really Arson? 4 warning signs the investigator got it wrong.”

Pipeline Explosions are far from rare.

On February 15, 2017 natural gas leaking from a pipeline exploded in Refugio, Texas – southwest of Houston. It was the second such incident in as many weeks. The previous incident occurred in Paridas, Louisiana – west of New Orleans – Friday February 10. No one was injured in the Texas event. Two workers were reported injured and one missing and presumed dead in Louisiana.

This type of incident is far from rare. Over the past twenty years, pipeline accidents have averaged over 100 per year. With the number of pipelines increasing due to the recent upsurge in domestic natural gas and oil production, and existing pipelines aging, the number of leaks, fires and explosions is likely to increase. Continue reading “Pipeline Explosions are far from rare.”

Science + Fire +Food +Beer/Coffee = FUN!

Rich Meier, Fire Expert
Rich Meier, of Meier Fire Investigation, Lecturing at Taste of Science 2017

Have you heard of “Taste of Science”? It’s a great festival happening across the US this week where scientists, from all kinds of disciplines, bring talks about their work to the general public in restaurants and pubs. This year, tonight in fact, Rich Meier will be talking about the science of Fire Investigation in St. Petersburg, Florida.

2017 is the first time that Rich Meier will be speaking at Taste of Science. 

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It’s 921 day @ Meier Fire

It’s NFPA 921 task group day here at our new offices.

Meier Fire Principle Expert, Richard Meier spent the day working on back-to-back Task Group phone conferences for the 2020 Edition of NFPA 921.

The 2017 edition hasn’t even been released and we’re hard at work helping to shape the content of the 2020 edition.

Rich Meier NFPA921
NFPA 921 Task group work ramps up for the 2020 edition.

This morning, Rich participated in task group working on a brand new proposed chapter on HVAC Systems.  Rich has years of experience on the industry side of HVAC working as mechanical and design engineer for a major HVAC manufacturer.   HVAC systems are sometimes involved in fires and explosions, and fire investigators need more information to make the correct determination of a fire or explosion’s cause.  Being able to leverage that knowledge from both sides of the HVAC industry allows him to use what he knows to improve Fire Investigator knowledge (not to mention find answers for Meier Fire clients).

Later this afternoon, it was the Task Group on Fire Patterns.   The Fire Patterns work in NFPA 921 is always of of the most important chapters — incorporating the latest cutting edge research on Fire Patterns and their use in Fire Investigation, especially in Fire spread and Origin Determination.

Richard Meier is a Bradenton, Florida Fire Investigator.  While practicing primarily in the Southeast U.S., he works across the country on large loss cases.